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MicroLogix 1200 Controllers

Posted by Ravi

System Overview

The MicroLogix 1200/1762 system provides functionality between the MicroLogix 1000/1761 and MicroLogix 1500/1764 systems, using the proven MicroLogix and SLC family architecture. The 6K-word memory provides for a maximum program of 4K words and maximum data of 2K words with 100% data retention. An optional memory module provides program and data backup with program upload and download capability. The optional real-time clock enables time scheduling of control activities. The flash upgradeable operating system lets you upgrade system software without replacing hardware.


  • Small Footprint—The MicroLogix 1200 controller is designed to optimize panel space. Integrated packages just 90mm (3.54 in) high (110mm high including mounting tabs) and 110 or 160mm (4.33 or 6.30 in) wide include processor, embedded inputs and outputs, and power supply. Expansion I/O modules add only 40mm (1.57 in) each in width.
  • Flexibility—A range of I/O and communication options let you configure a MicroLogix 1200 controller for a variety of applications:
    • 24 or 40 built-in I/O. The inputs are either 24V DC (sink or source) or 120V AC. Outputs are relay contact or FET.
    • Add up to 96 I/O in up to 6 digital and/or analog I/O modules (within the limits of power supply capacity, for a total of 136 I/O maximum).
  • Wide range of communication options:
    • DF1 full- or half-duplex, DF1 Radio Modem, Modbus RTU slave and RTU master. Communication interface modules support DH-485, DeviceNet, and EtherNet/IP.
    • MicroLogix 1200R controllers also provide a Programming / HMI port with fixed communication parameters to provide an additional means to communicate to the controller.
  • High Functionality—The MicroLogix 1200 / 1762 system provides powerful features that let you tackle tough applications:
    • 20k-Hz high-speed counter.
    • 20k-Hz PTO (Pulse Train Output) or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
    • 6K-word non-volatile memory (4K-word maximum program, 2K-word maximum data).
    • 4 interrupt inputs.
    • 4 latching inputs.
    • 2 built-in trim potentiometers.
    • optional memory, real-time clock, or memory/real-time clock module.
    • powerful instruction set with support for PID and ASCII.
    • uses RSLogix 500 programming software.
    • field-upgradeable flash operating system.
  • Low Price—This compact but powerful control solution will fit well within your budget.